About TurboGo for Windows and year 2000 compliance


To be honest, I didn't think I would receive questions about TurboGo being year 2000 compliant. But since I have received several questions about the subject, I decided to put a year 2000 statement here. To put it simple and short, TurboGo hardly uses any dates, and if it does it relies on Microsoft Windows (which is supposed to be year 2000 compliant). There should be no problems with regards to the year 2000. You can find the more official statement below.

The official year 2000 statement:
There are no known or expected problems that will occur with any version of TurboGo due to the Year 2000 Problem. If any problems are found (which is highly unlikely), they will be corrected in normal maintenance releases. The maintenance releases are free of charge and will be available only for the current version of TurboGo, and not for previous versions. TurboGo makes almost no use of dates and therefore the chances of a Year 2000 Problem due to TurboGo is virtually zero. However, TurboGo does rely on the operating system for dates, and this may be a limitation to correctly handling dates. Please contact the developer of your operating system (probably Microsoft) for information on its ability to deal with the Year 2000 Problem and beyond.