The Joseki Tutor for PocketPC

Update - 20 September 2002
As an update to the story below, I have decided that it should not be a problem to release my Joseki Tutor on the Pocket PC. This decision was based for a large part on your feedback, thanks a lot for all your input!
I'm currently writing a version of TurboGo for the Pocket PC (the version below is not stable enough and a bit too slow). After this, I'm going to try to build a version for the Palm as well. Please note that I cannot promise any release dates, but I'll do my best to release it as soon as possible.

These are some pictures of my Joseki Tutor, as it is currently running on my Compaq Ipaq PocketPC. To be honest, I think that it looks pretty cool.

Click on these images for a bigger picture!
Joseki Tutor for PocketPC photo Joseki Tutor for PocketPC photo
Real pictures, taken with a digital camera.
The image quality is not very good, but you
should be able to see how it looks.
Joseki Tutor for PocketPC screenshot Joseki Tutor for PocketPC screenshot
These screendumps were taken directly from my
Compaq Ipaq PocketPC. It should run on any
Windows CE 2.0 (or higher) device.
Click on these images for a bigger picture!

Unfortunately, I do have some hesitations about distributing the joseki tutor on this platform. PocketPC and Palm devices are often used to write down Go games during a tournament, and I'm a bit afraid that this might be forbidden in the future if it would be possible to cheat using this kind of applications. This tutor has a database of 50,000 moves and a lot of comments about them, which could be a big help during tournament games.

On the other hand, there is already a version for the PalmPilot, that is based on the Joseki Dictionary of the "Many Faces of Go" program. Although this program misses some features that are in my Joseki Tutor (like comments about moves), I wouldn't be the first to release a program like this.

Anyway, if you have any comments or suggestions about this issue, I would appreciate to hear from you. Do NOT however ask me where you can download this PocketPC version, at this time I do not want to release it to the general public. If you want to use my joseki tutor, please download my Go Program TurboGo for Windows, which includes the joseki tutor. You can also take a look at the online version of the Joseki Tutor (Shockwave required).